sábado, março 17, 2007

what are we gonna do now?

"You don't have to make your mind up
I just wanna take my time with you,
Yeah, if that's alright, It's alright, it's alright
Oh, forgive me if I get to shy but
Maybe you are the reason why I'm feeling butterflies (I feel it too)
Somethin' bout the look in your eyes
Oooh, it just makes me feel so right..."


Sei que a idéia era simplificar mais a vida, mas... sempre acabo entre deuses, super-heróis e grandes missões. (Ai, não briga comigo, tá?!)

"Funny how my world keeps spinnin'
Sometimes you can be so silly
You know just how to make me laugh
Yeah... you're skin is so lovely
When you touch me I know that you got my back
(Sure do, yes I do)
I feel so safe when you hold me
It's like you know me..."

Joss Stone - Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now

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Anônimo disse...

Gostei do seu blog.
Pena vc ter me conhecido num dia mau,mas tdo ainda volta ao normal...

Obrigada pela visita..vou linkar vc depois bjos