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como ser mais interessante em 10 simples-estúpidos passos

Quase passei batido pela nota, mas resolvi ler para matar a curiosidade e gostei.
Aquelas coisas que a gente sabe, mas que às vezes é bom lembrar.

How to be more interesting in 10 stupid-simple steps
por Jessica Hags, FORBES

1. Go exploring. | Vá explorar.
Explore ideas, places, and opinions. The inside of the echo chamber is where all the boring people hang out.

2. Share what you discover. | Compartilhe o que descobrir.
And be generous when you do. Not everybody went exploring with you. Let them live vicariously through your adventures. 

3. Do something. Anything. | Faça alguma coisa. Qualquer coisa.
Dance. Talk. Build. Network. Play. Help. Create. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re doing it. Sitting around and complaining is not an acceptable form of ‘something,’ in case you were wondering.

4. Embrace your innate weirdness. | Acolha sua esquisitice inata.
No one is normal. Everyone has quirks and insights unique to themselves. Don’t hide these things—they are what make you interesting.

5. Have a cause. | Tenha uma causa.
If you don’t give a damn about anything, no one will give a damn about you. 

6. Minimize the swagger. | Minimize a arrogância.
Egos get in the way of ideas. If your arrogance is more obvious than your expertise, you are someone other people avoid. 

7. Give it a shot. | Experimente.
Try it out. Play around with a new idea. Do something strange. If you never leave your comfort zone, you won’t grow.

8. Hop off the bandwagon. | Saia do lugar comum.
If everyone else is doing it, you’re already late to the party.  Do your own thing, and others will hop onto the spiffy wagon you built yourself. Besides, it’s more fun to drive than it is to get pulled around. 

9. Grow a pair. | Tenha atitude.
Bravery is needed to have contrary opinions and to take unexpected paths. If you’re not courageous, you’re going to be hanging around the water cooler, talking about the guy who actually is. 

10. Ignore the scolds. | Ignore os repressores.
Boring is safe, and you will be told to behave yourself. The scolds could have, would have, should have. But they didn’t. And they resent you for your adventures. 

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