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© Hanna Putz

© Hanna Putz

© Hanna Putz

Projeto artístico da austríaca Hanna Putz, no qual fotografa 8 diferentes famílias com delicada e autêntica beleza em conceito e imagens.

"I was interested in examining the notion of ‘posing’, he need to perform in the age of a complete overflow of information, images and social networking.

This series is not about the individual and his personal story, nor about wanting to reveal or capture the factual reality of a family. I am not approaching the medium of documentary photography. In this respect, I try to avoid capturing personal moments of people through the formal attempt. It is about the composition and the image as an overall idea that formulates a question. Composition and color are of great importance to me by allowing individuals to become anonymous, sculptural forms intertwined and molded together begin to form.

This series is about being left in peace rather than denuding or invading anyones private space, how – and If – this is even possible when photographing someone."

Uma entrevista com Hanna aqui.

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